Transfer Information

transfer student

Erie County Community College of PA (EC3) welcomes students who have completed coursework at other institutions and who wish to continue their studies at EC3. If students are transferring from another college, EC3 records will evaluate their credits based on the degree they intend to pursue at EC3. At least half of the number of credits required for the degree must be completed at EC3.

Transfer Details

  • For current EC3 students, we recommend that you seek approval prior to registering or testing for any additional credits for transfer.
  • Students who fail to provide official academic records from previous institutions may jeopardize their academic standing at the College.
  • There are some limitations on the time period before credits get “stale” and are no longer applicable for transfer.
  • College or university transcripts from non-U.S. schools will need to be evaluated by a professional evaluation company to qualify for transfer credits. We accept any of the following services:

For more information, contact the admissions office at 814-413-7014 or fill out the form on our contact page.