Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking,

Associate of Applied Business (A.A.B)

Graduates with an Associate of Applied Business degree in Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking are trained in financial management, human resources, and marketing which prepares them to start their own businesses or to work for an established business. If you already have or would like to improve your leadership and organizational skills, this is the program for you!

Program Outcomes

  • Apply managerial theory and practices to the key functional areas within an organization in today’s business environment, such as accounting, computer information systems, finance, economics, and marketing. 
  • Examine the social, legal, and ethical principles that guide appropriate and responsible managerial decision-making.
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial critical-thinking and analytical acumen to determine appropriate effective business actions. 
  • Exhibit professional and proficient communication skills: verbal, written and interpersonal for business situations.

Career Outlook

Individuals with the Associate of Applied Business in Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking are prepared to enter the workforce in jobs such as:

  • Office Management
  • Sales
  • Client Services
  • Customer Service

With a strong background in entrepreneurial thinking and business plan development, graduates could also choose the path to start their own business.
Your road to a fulfilling career is wide open at Erie County Community College!

Program Courses

BUS 101: Introduction to Business Administration
BUS 103: Principles of Management
ENT 110: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

ACC 111: Business Accounting
ACC 150: The Legal Environment of Business
BUS 130: Business Communications
BUS 221: Production Management
ENT 120: Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENT 130: Entrepreneurial Finance Intelligence
ENT 140: Business Plan Development for the Entrepreneur

Select two (2) additional courses from the course list as approved by program advisor.

Additional course requirements from the EC3 General Education Program.

Total for Degree: 20 courses

This information is for planning purposes only. EC3 will make every effort to offer the most updated curriculum information above but reserves the right to change, add, and cancel course offerings. Please check with your assigned advisor for the most updated class information.