Associate of Arts

Graduates with an Associate of Arts degree from EC3 will have the necessary credentials to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The curriculum is designed to fulfill the freshman and sophomore general education requirements of most four-year colleges in PA and across the country. As part of this degree program, students will have the opportunity to fulfill the PA TRAC requirements for transferring to participating PA colleges.

General Education Goals

  • Break down arguments and recognize that different people see things differently.
  • Be able to work with other people and be able to communicate clearly with them.
  • Create unique solutions that work.
  • Evaluate solutions and plan for the future.

Career Outlook

Students holding an Associate of Arts degree are prepared to transfer to any number of four-year colleges and universities with PA and around the country in a vast amount of program areas. Exploration into multiple areas while completing the degree broadens career opportunities.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses
FYE 101: First Year Experience
ENG 101: English Composition I
CIS 100: Computer Application and Concepts
PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophy

Communication: Select One (1)
ENG 102: English Composition II
ENG 110: Oral Communication

Social & Behavioral Sciences: Select one (1)
ECO 101: Macroeconomics
ECO 102: Microeconomics
PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
ANT 201: Survey of Anthropology
POL 203: Survey of American Politics

Artistic Expression: Select one (1)
MUS 101: Introduction to Music
ART 101: Art Appreciation
ENG 207: Survey of Literature
ENG 201: Poetry

Cultural Awareness: Select one (1)
HIS 122: Modern History
HIS 201: U.S. History to 1865
PHL 111: Religions of the World
SOC 211: Racial and Ethnic Minorities
POL 112: Introduction to International Relations
MUS 114: World Music

Mathematics: Select one (1)
MAT 111: College Algebra
MAT 102: Mathematical Concepts
MAT 202: Introduction to Statistics

Natural Science: Select one (1)
BIO 101: General Biology with Lab
GLG 220: Environmental Geology with Lab

General Elective Courses
Select ten (10) courses from other General Education courses.

Total for Degree: 20 courses

This information is for planning purposes only. EC3 will make every effort to offer the most updated curriculum information above but reserves the right to change, add, and cancel course offerings. Please check with your assigned advisor for the most updated class information.