Pathways to Careers at EC3

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Is an associate’s degree or certificate worth it?” — the answer is a resounding “yes!” Whether your goal is to increase your employable skills in the short term or build toward a more advanced degree in the long term, an associate’s degree or certificates can serve as a stepping stone both academically and professionally. Designed to be completed in two years, EC3’s programs offer students:

    1. The flexibility to fit classes around their busy lives — and plan for their futures.
    2. A level of affordability that promotes access to higher education for all.
    3. The resources and skills to land in-demand jobs that pay well in Erie County.

Whether you want to enter a right into a career or transfer to a 4-year institution, EC3 has programs available to help you be successful.
Our degrees and certificates are organized into career clusters to help you determine the best path toward meeting your academic goals.

Exploration is a key component of the community college experience. In each of the associates degrees offered at EC3 you will find General Education requirements. These courses allow you the opportunity to continue to explore even while progressing toward successful completion of your selected program of study. For more information on general education categories and courses, visit General Education Requirements.

4-Year Transfer Pathways

Associate of Arts