Visual artist Ceasar Westbrook completed six paintings for EC3 to hang on its walls.

The paintings were purposely curated to ensure those who walk the halls of the college feel represented in the work.  

Each of the pieces is unique in their own way and that was at the heart of Westbrook’s mission. “My inspiration behind these paintings was to make everyone feel welcomed and included” says Westbrook. “I wanted people to see themselves in the work and feel like they could relate whether it be through the emotion of the picture or the colors of the composition, or whatever it is that moved them about each piece.”  

The paintings have been placed on the walls of the first and second floors of the EC3 Erie West campus. The colorful and thought-provoking pieces are comprised of big smiles, gestures of sign language, animals and diverse men and women.  

“Ceasar’s work immediately brightened up the walls and brought the exact energy we were looking for so that our students, faculty and staff can see themselves in the work too” says Chris Gray, President of EC3. “Diversity can be represented in so many ways and these paintings do that.”  

Westbrook is humbled by the opportunity to have his work displayed at America’s newest community college. “It means a lot to me to have my work at EC3. I get a chance to have an impact on a diverse range of people from various backgrounds and cultures, mostly being of a young demographic, which is very important to me,” says Westbrook. “I hope to impact someone up-and-coming, who inspires to let their creativity be the driving force to their success.”  

More photos of Westbrook’s paintings can be found on the college’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You can view a video on our YouTube page of Westbrook sharing his why behind the work here. Westbrook plans to have even more of his work on display that will be for sale throughout the month of February. More information will be released as soon as it becomes available.