Our History and Mission

erie county community college

Providing Affordable Education and Training

Through the hard work and dedication of many individuals over several years, the Erie County Community College of PA (EC3PA) enrolled students for the inaugural class in July 2021. 

It is sponsored by Erie County and was created to fulfill the following opportunities:

  • Offer affordable educational options and training in the area
  • Replace a retiring workforce by quickly responding to economic shifts and training needs
  • Serve as a feeder to the strong four-year university system in Erie County
  • Be a strong partner in the workforce and economic development
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education in the Erie area
  • Developing programs that connect people to jobs

EC3PA offers associate’s degree and technical skills certificate programs that provide education and training at an affordable price for available and emerging jobs that do not require a baccalaureate degree.  In addition, the college provides the education many students need to succeed in a four-year program, as well as, an affordable option for the first two years of college for those seeking a bachelor’s degree.

The Erie County Community College of PA will meet the needs of businesses, industry, and the citizens of the Erie region. EC3PA will partner with the other area education institutions to maximize and grow the educational opportunities provided to a diverse learner population, inclusive of all student backgrounds, that is looking for opportunities to succeed.  The Erie region, and its citizens, will be well served by the college.

Why Are Diversity and Inclusion Important in College?

Diversity and inclusion are important in college because diversity and inclusion are important in our community, and help create a more equitable and prosperous society. When we welcome students with a greater variety of experiences, beliefs, perspectives, and backgrounds onto our campuses, we help cultivate more ideas and more talent, enhancing Erie County’s economic competitiveness and potential for growth for generations to come.

Our Mission

The mission of the Erie County Community College of PA is to provide increased access to higher education for the people of Erie County, Pennsylvania, to assist them in achieving their educational goals, to provide a competent workforce for area employers, and to increase both the baccalaureate and associate degree holders in Erie County.