Board of Trustees

Cheryl Rush Dix

Cheryl Rush Dix


An educator with an Aerospace Engineering – Teaching – Administration career trajectories in roughly equal arcs, Cheryl Rush Dix dedicated her professional life to establishing access and opportunity to education as a Fulbright Research Alumna, Pathlight Associates...

Christina M. Vogel

Christina M. Vogel

Vice Chairperson

Christina Vogel is the first and only solo woman franchisee for Donatos Pizza and owns the only two Donatos restaurants in the state of Pennsylvania. Vogel earned an MBA and a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and a...

Justin M. Gallagher

Justin M. Gallagher

Finance Chair

Employed by Wabtec Corporation Former Finance Chairman and Treasurer of Board at Harbor Creek School District Former Vice-Chairman of Board at Erie County Technical School MBA – Gannon University B.S. Finance – Penn State Behrend        

Michael T. Victor J.D. LL.D.

Michael T. Victor J.D. LL.D.


Michael Victor, J.D., L.L.D., is an accomplished leader who has been serving in the Erie community for many years. Most recently, he served as Mercyhurst University’s President for six years and before that President of Lake Erie College for a decade.  ...

Rev. Charles Mock

Rev. Charles Mock


His most recent graduation degree is his Doctor of Ministry from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, New Jersey. His degree was Transformational Justice and Public Policy. He has served 15 years as The Chairman and Director of the Home Mission...

Kurt Hersch

Kurt Hersch


Kurt Hersch is an Assistant Professor at Gannon University where he teaches entrepreneurship, strategy, creativity and innovation.  Kurt serves as Gannon’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence as well as the Coordinator for the Minor in Innovation & Creativity. ...

Bob Merrill

Bob Merrill


Bob has over 22 years of Human Resources experience. Bob earned his undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA, and went on to earn his Master of Business Administration degree from Gannon University in Erie, PA, concentrating...

Msgr. David A. Rubino Ph.D. Ph.D.

Msgr. David A. Rubino Ph.D. Ph.D.


Bio: Msgr. David A. Rubino was ordained for the Diocese of Erie in 1973. He holds a PhD in rhetoric and communication, and in higher education, from the University of Pittsburgh. The former president of Gannon University, Erie, Pennsylvania, Msgr. Rubino was appointed...

Meeting Agendas


9.27.23 EC3 Board of Trustee Regular and Annual Meeting Agenda

9.20.23 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

9.18.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

8.23.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

8.21.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

8.14.23 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

7.26.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

7.19.23 Executive Meeting Agenda

7.17.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

7.10.23 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda

6.28.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

6.26.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

6.21.23 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

6.15.23 Special Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

6.12.23 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda

5.24.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

5.17.23. Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

5.15.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

5.8.23 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda

4.26.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

4.24.23 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda

4.19.23 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

4.18.23 Academic Committee Meeting Agenda 

4.17.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

3.22.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

3.20.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

3.21.23 Academic Committee Meeting Agenda

3.15.23 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

3.13.23 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda

2.22.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

2.20.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

2.13.23 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda

1.25.23 EC3 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

1.23.23 Executive Meeting Agenda

1.19.23 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda

1.17.23 Academic Committee Meeting Agenda

1.9.23 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda




Meeting Minutes

Schedule of Future Board Meetings

Erie County Community College Board of Trustees will have a Board meeting via the Zoom information below. The meeting days and times can be found here​. In-person meetings will take place at 2403 W. 8th Street, Erie, PA 16505. The public can attend in-person or virtually through the Zoom link below. Login to Board Effect 

Click the link below to join the next board meeting virtually.

Meeting ID: 864 7949 2792
Passcode: 113651

Finance Committee Meeting

Meeting ID: 830 3897 8629
Passcode: 433662 

Personnel Committee Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 8156 2651
Passcode: 113508

Ad Hoc Meetings

No passcode required

Academic Committee Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 7179 9707
Passcode: 065087
The 9/19/23 Academic Committee Meeting is canceled.

Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 6417 3216
Passcode: 387190