Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts

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The A.A. in Liberal Arts program at EC3PA

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Liberal Arts program at EC3PA in Erie, PA is designed for maximum transferability of courses across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania between participating PA TRAC Colleges and Universities. 

Required general education courses (10 classes)

All students must take FYE 101 (First Year Experience) and ENG 101 (English Composition) — these classes help orient you to the community college experience and build the fundamental writing skills you’ll need to excel as a higher education student. From there, students have the choice of building upon their writing skills in ENG 102 (English Composition) or learn to articulate themselves better verbally in ENG 110 (Oral Communications). 

The 7 remaining general education courses are intended to help you survey your interests and broaden your horizons. You’ll choose one class each from the following categories:

  1. Social & behavioral sciences
  2. Artist expression
  3. Cultural awareness
  4. Mathematics
  5. Natural sciences
  6. Technology
  7. Ethics 

Elective general education courses (10 classes)

The rest is entirely up to you! Deepen your knowledge in any of the areas of study that you feel most passionate about.

4-Year Degrees you can get with an A.A. in Liberal Arts

You can apply your A.A. in Liberal Arts credits toward a 4-year degree in just about any area of study, making it a great stepping stone to careers in:

  • Academics/education 
  • Marketing/communications
  • Business/finance
  • Scientific fields
  • Artistic/creative fields
  • Politics/civics
  • Law enforcement
  • Social services
  • And more!

We look forward to seeing you in class!