Associate’s Degree Programs at EC3PA

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If you’ve ever asked yourself “Is an associate’s degree worth it?” — the answer is a resounding “yes!” Whether your goal is to increase your employable skills in the short term or build toward a more advanced degree in the long term, an associate’s degree can serve as a stepping stone both academically and professionally. Designed to be completed in two years, EC3PA’s associate’s degree programs offer students:

    1. The flexibility to fit classes around their busy lives — and plan for their futures.
    2. A level of affordability that promotes access to higher education for all.
    3. The resources and skills to land in-demand jobs that pay well in Erie County.

EC3PA’s Two-Year Associate’s Degree Programs

A.A. in Liberal Arts

An associate degree in liberal arts equips students with written and verbal communication and critical thinking skills. After two years of full-time study, liberal arts graduates can apply their knowledge to careers in social services, business administration, marketing, healthcare, and many other fields. An associate degree in liberal arts includes courses in subjects like English, communications, history, psychology, economics, and mathematics and science. Rather than zeroing in on one subject, students focus on learning to think critically.

associates degree in liberal arts erie pa
aab in management and entrepreneurial thinking

A.A.B. in Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Graduates with an associate degree in Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking are trained in financial management, human resources, and marketing which prepares them to start their own businesses or to work for an established business. If you already have or would like to improve your leadership and organizational skills, this is the program for you!

A.A.S. in Information Technology Network Systems

A two-year degree in Information Technology Network Systems is a versatile degree that can help you get your foot in the door with a wide variety of companies and industries in your own backyard. Information technology plays a key role in any organization. It helps organizations design, utilize and support the computer systems that help streamline their production processes. Technology is part of nearly every company in every industry, and plenty of them are aware of the value you can bring to an IT department with a two-year degree.

aas in information technology network systems

Will EC3PA Offer More Associate’s Degrees in the Future?

Yes! There are four major types of associate’s degrees that will eventually be offered at EC3PA:

    1. Associate of Science (A.S.) — Features primarily math and science-focused coursework in addition to classes specific to that program. An excellent choice for students looking to transfer credits to another academic institution toward a bachelor’s degree.
    2. Associate of Arts (A.A.) — Just like an A.S., but with a greater emphasis on the humanities and social sciences, this type of 2-year degree program is ideal for students who wish to pursue further studies after EC3PA.
    3. Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) — Different from an A.S. in that the coursework is more concentrated, with fewer general education classes required. For the student who wishes to apply their degree to relevant work soon after graduation.
    4. Associate of Applied Business (A.A.B.) — Also features classes more tailored to the specific major rather than general coursework. Intended to qualify students for better-paying jobs shortly after graduation.