Academic Placement

erie community college student

There are two different ways to show academic level so that you can succeed in English and Math. 

College Transcripts

You can provide proof of a passing grade in college-level English and Math by providing college transcripts that show a passing grade in English and/or College Algebra or above. College transcripts for placement can be unofficial. Email College transcripts to and put transcripts in the subject line.

EdReady Knowledge Assessments

Another option to illustrate achievement is to take the Knowledge Assessments in My EdReady. Three assessments are available if you choose this method for placement:

  1. EdReady Reading, EdReady Writing, KAenglish: goal key – both need to be taken to use for placement into English
  2. Knowledge Assessment for Math QR, KAmath: goal key – taken for placement into Math

Scores for Placement

English Placement  
Score Placement
0-59 in either EdReady Reading or EdReady Writing ENG090
60+ in both EdReady Reading and EdReady Writing ENG101
Math Placement  
Score Placement
0-54 in Knowledge Assessment Math-QR MAT090
55+ in Knowledge Assessment Math-QR MAT102, MAT111, or MAT202